Farm to Table Bistro

Reservation Policy

New reservation policy for Farm to Table Bistro

In this crazy world where science and politics do not appear to make sense,

Beginning immediately, the following applies to reservations.

If you wish to reserve a table in our bistro, a phone number will be required unless we know you personally. We will call the reservation at an agreed upon number the day of your reservation in the morning. The customer has until 3:00 PM to confirm the reservation for that evening. If not, we will not honor the reservation if we do not have seating available.

We reserve the right for any party of 5 or more to require a credit card, Expiration date, security code, billing zip code AND an email address. We will email the customer a consent form for authorization of the credit card for $25.00 per person if the reservation is not cancelled before 3:00 the day of the reservation. The consent form has to be signed and returned to us. If not, we reserve the right to not honor the reservation.

Also, if the customer requests outside seating, we will honor that. However, if the customer changes their mind upon arrival, that due to weather or elements, and wish to sit indoors, we will only accommodate them if we have room.

Thanks for your understanding!