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A Word About Mother's Day.

Not long ago, a schoolyard friend of mine’s mother passed away and I attended the funeral. The church was packed with familiar faces I had not seen in many years. There were many lines on those faces as I begin to acquire my own with age. The church was the one I grew up in, so it was a comfortable place to me. The deceased had known me my entire life. When I was about ten years old, she introduced me the power of a hamburger served on a toasted English muffin, only way I eat a burger at home to this day.

The priest began his homily. He was a very young man as I sized him up. What could he draw on in his short walk on this earth to inspire anyone, or console the pews of grieving friends and relatives for that matter?

He started to speak with reference to St Peters Basilica at Vatican City in Roma, Italy. Having been to the Vatican numerous times, I lent this young preacher an ear.

He proceeded to go on about the artist Michelangelo and one of his most famous works, the sculpture named Pietà which is housed in St. Peter’s, now secured behind bullet proof glass. The sculpture, you may certainly know, is of the Blessed Mother Mary, holding her now crucified and deceased Son Jesus on her lap. It is quite the sculpture that captures the sadness of a mother losing her son. Ok, thanks for the art and history lesson.

The preacher man drew me in deeper. The sculpture is way out of proportion. Jesus depicted would be about 5’ 8”, a reasonable height for a man at the time. He went on, “however, Mother Mary is way out of proportion, if she could stand, she would be 7’ 5” tall, not likely the height of an average woman in any time in history. Mary as depicted; her hands could palm two basketballs Why is that?” he asked.

“Michelangelo wanted to express how disproportionate the great love of a mother, any mother has for her children.” Then he finished with “there is no greater love than that of a mother.”  It is so magnified and made sense, not a dry eye in the house. I thanked the priest for that keen insight and beautiful history lesson.

Thanks, mom, for all the love! We miss you!

I hope you enjoyed my sharing, God Bless our moms!

If you’re planning on coming out to Farm to Table Bistro on Sunday, we only have a few spots open in what is turning out to be two seating’s. One between 12:00 and 1:30 and the other between 4:00 and 6:00 PM We will be serving until 6:30 PM. We will be offering our “Supper Menu” all day along with many specials. Menus can be found at Again we are very limited at this point, so if your coming, kindly call asap. 845-297-1111

We have Ang & Ed Friday night for your musical entertainment. If you want to avoid the mayhem of Sunday, maybe come out on Saturday night instead. Again, kindly make a reservation.