Daily Specials

LUNCH SPECIALS 20 % off all to-go orders

Oyster Wednesday

Just a buck!

We hope the Corona virus is over before tick season starts; otherwise we will have a Corona with lyme



Corned Beef 9.95/14.95

Slow Braised in Stout Beer,

potato, carrots

while it lasts!



Oyster Report

Blue Points 1.00 ea Norwalk, Connecticut

Medium Salt with a pleasant mineral finish


Beausoliel 1.00 ea
found in
Miramichi Bay off New Brunswick Canada.

Perfectly symmetrical, refined brininess, champagne-like finish



Soup du Jour

Pork & Vegetable




Small Plates


Italian Winter Salad 15

Radicchio, Endive, Cubanelle pepper, sautéed chick peas.

Chopped salumi, provolone in a light spiced red win, garlic honey mustard vinaigrette


Traditional Chicken Wings


9 beauties, Buffalo Style, Teriyaki or BBQ


Warm Brussels Sprout Salad 14

Pancetta, dried cranberries,

Balsamic reduction and parmesan cheese


Buffalo Chicken Fried Ravioli 14

Blue cheese and “Mike’s Hot Honey” sauce





Smoked Salmon Grilled Cheese 13

Thin-sliced smoked salmon with Gruyère, Dijon mustard, red onion & capers, dressed arugula


Monte Cristo

Turkey, Swiss, Virginia ham, dipped in battered egg and griddled, side of “real” local maple syrup


Salmon Burger

Red onion, tomato and lettuce on a brioche roll, with dill cream sauce and a house salad


Large Plate


Butt-er Steak Teriyaki 22

Tender, defatted, sweet steak. We demo’d these at

our house with guests on Sunday, some said best steak they ever had! Choice of two sides