Daily Specials


Tuesday is Bistro Burger Day!

All natural Grass fed, Grain finished burgers

at half price


Oyster Report

Blue Points 2.25 ea Norwalk, Connecticut

Medium Salt with a pleasant mineral finish


Beausoliel 2.50 ea
found in
Miramichi Bay off

New Brunswick Canada. Perfectly symmetrical, refined brininess, champagne-like finish


Soup du Jour

Chicken Tortilla

Roasted Butternut Squash


Oyster Kilpatrick 15

Long Island Sound oysters (6) baked on the half shell with “down under” sauce of Worcestershire

and BBQ, shallots, bacon and gruyere cheese


Warm Brussels Sprout Salad 14

Pancetta, dried cranberries,

balsamic reduction and parmesan cheese


Shrimp & Crab Napoleon 22

Smoked Tomato Vinaigrette, Basil Oil, Jicama & Lime Cilantro Slaw, Mango Salsa


Large Plates

Newè Butt-er Steak Teriyaki 22

Tender, defatted, sweet steak. We demo’d these at

our house with guests on Sunday, some said best steak they ever had! Choice of two sides.


Sea Scallops with Jalapeno Vinaigrette 28

Pan seared with sea salt and hint of cayenne,

orange segments, jalapeno vin drizzle. Sweet, spicy, salty and tangy gets umami!


It’s back for Fallè Braised Pork Osso Buco 28

In a light porcini mushroom sauce with roasted squash,

zucchini, red onion, sweet orange cous cous, yum!


Korean BBQ Ra ck of Lamb 32

This is amazing, full rack, 24-hour marinade, char grilled, it’s sweet and spicy served over Asian slaw


Red Grouper 24

WE had this in Florida last week and just had to get some flown in for you to love too!

Blackened, or Sautéed, or Roasted, I prefer Blackened

Finished with Mango Salsa!


À Boire

Apple Cider Sangria 10

All the flavors of autumn & apple season! Served with a cinnamon-sugar rim and topped with Ginger Beer.


Sweet TreatPumpkin Roll 8

With Cream Cheese Frosting and a hint of Orange Zest