Dinner Specials

Friday May 10, 2019





Blue Points 2.75 ea Norwalk, Connecticut

Medium Salt with a pleasant mineral finish


Fanny Bay 3.00 From off Vancouver Island, B.C.

ull brine with plump meats with a sweet mineral finish




Oyster Kilpatrick 15

Long Island Sound oysters (6) baked on the half shell with

“down under” sauce of Worcestershire

and BBQ , shallots, bacon and gruyere cheese




Soup du Jour

Pork & Vegetable 8

Broccoli Cheddar 8




Small Plates


Surf and Turf Tempura 16

Lobster, Beef Tenderloin,, Avocado, Cream Cheese, Scallion, balsamic drizzle, pickled ginger






Soft Shell Crabs (2) 32

A little pricey with all the transportation issues, but really delicious!

Pan fried, finished with two sauces,

a Brown butter lemon parsley reduction,

and a veal stock bourbon reduction.

Roasted potato medallions and baby carrots



Roast Tenderloin of Venison 32

Syrah juniper berry sauce, roasted baby carrots, caramelized onions,

sautéed mushrooms & rosemary-blue cheese gratin potato



Pasta in Savory Meat Ragu 26

Roasted Garlic, Sweet Vermouth laced red sauce with beef ragu, finished

with milky Stracciatella cheese. Your choice of pasta: Tuffoli, Rigatoni, Penne, Bucatini,

or GF Penne(3.00). Try it with the Tuffoli, delizioso!


Korean BBQ Rack of Lamb 32

This is amazing, Full rack, 24 hour marinade, char grilled, it’s sweet and spicy served over Asian



A la Carte Side

Ket0-Friendly Cauliflower Rice 5

Sautéed in lemon juice, garlic, and parsley